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German Class -  Various Melbourne Locations
We offer small group German classes with a wide variety of times available.  If you do not see a suitable time, give us a call as we are adding classes every month.  Our classes are fun and social. 

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 German Class Adult

German language school information

German Language Children and Adult Class Schedule
M= Moorabbin,  SH = Surrey Hills

We add classes. Ring us we may have additional classes to offer.

Times Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
9:30   M
2-5 yo

3-5 yo
12:30 M
Private Tuition
1:30 M
Private Tuition
3:00 SH
private lessons available
4:00 SH
private lessons available
Private Tuition
Private Tuition
5:00 SH
5-9 yo
Private Tuition


Private Tuition
6:00 M
Level 1 Adult
7:00   Level 2 7:30
German Adult Course
8.00   Level 3 Adult        

Children's Tuition  per term. GST incl. 
1 hr.      $230
2.5 hr    $475

Adult Tuition  per 10 week term - Group Classes
1 hr.      $250
Private:  $600
Semi-private: $330, 2-4 persons

Discounts available for tuition paid prior to end of term.

Note:  These fees are pro-rated based on the actual number of classes.

Private lessons in Moorabbin centre $60/hour during peak hours, $50 non-peak. On location incur travel costs. Semi-private lessons (2 or 3 students)-$35/hour.

Note:  Private tuition or small group sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.

Click here for a German Translator or German Translation Services

German Language School Program Details - Melbourne

Children Classes:

Our German Language School starts with children as young as two and half years old.  The teaching methods and structure is based on the developmental stages of the human brain.  Our language classes build progressively.  Our classes for adults and older students are fun and social. 

2.5-3 year olds.  A perfect time to introduce your child to language learning.   We offer one-hour classes for children at this age and focus on singing songs, playing games and creating simple arts and crafts.   This class builds more than language skills.  Your child will develop social, physical and attention skills and the German language activities encourage motor and coordination skills.

3-5 year olds - 1 or 1.5 hours.  Learning takes place naturally as your child embarks on a wonderful language adventure.  We utilise colourful visuals, games, arts & crafts, skits, puppets, dramatic play and much more to stimulate and engage your child.   The program is filled with activities to develop essential early childhood skills such as imagination, self expression and self confidence explored in creative new ways.  

3-5  year olds-  2.5 hours.  A terrific way to immerse your child in the German language.   The following is a sample of this extended session.  Children hear native speakers teaching in their native tongue in each activity.  Verbal participation is always encouraged.  Offered at Moorabbin facility.


Teacher presents the planned themed lesson in our 1 hour session utilising colourful visuals, games, arts & crafts, skits, puppets, dramatic play and much more.


Morning tea


Indoor or outside free play


Art and craft project


Review, story time and play favourite activities.

5-7 year olds.    At this age, children are fully verbal and eager to expand their dialogues.   We incorporate more skits and games, participatory activities and children have a lot of fun interacting with each other.   These classes are very animated.   In addition to acquiring new language skills children can be creative, enhance their social and imagination skills through storytelling, role play, movement, age-appropriate games, music and other fun, educational activities.  We strive to present new knowledge and skills in ways that are developmentally appropriate and stimulating.  The children receive handout materials to complete in last 10 minutes of class time and at home when desired.  We do encourage homework, however, it is not mandatory.

7-10 year olds.   As with the 5-7 year old group, we continue to utilising age-appropriate activities.  Children have great fun conversing with each other, acting out skits and playing stimulating games and activities.  More reading and writing are incorporated into these sessions.  Due to the small groups, native speakers are able to personalise teaching and provide individualised attention to each student.

German Tutor
German tutoring at Language Champs is conducted as one on one classes or small group sessions.  It is ideal for the German language VCE student looking to excel and get an added advantage.  It is also ideal for the traveller who needs to develop their language skills prior to their trip to Germany.

German Language

Around the world, German is spoken by ~100 million native speakers and also ~80 million non-native speakers, and standard German is widely taught in schools and universities in Europe.

Source:  Wikipedia reviewed 11/3/2008.  There is a lot more information at Wikipedia.

German Translation